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Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind that we all experience several times a day, passing through this relaxed state when we wake up, and when we go to sleep each night. If you have ever driven somewhere and arrived without remembering the journey, or lost yourself in a good book or film you have experienced what it is like being in a trance.


Most people tend to expect something dramatic with hypnosis, when in fact it feels simply like being very relaxed and comfortable, similar to daydreaming. You are in control at all times and will be able to hear and be aware of everything that is going on around you.


Hypnotherapy is a solution focused therapy which uses effective modern techniques, aimed at finding a resolution to the problem. Hypnotherapy is so effective, as it relaxes the conscious mind, which allows us to access the unconscious – the part of the mind actually causing the problem.


Hypnosis is completely safe, with no side effects and can work incredibly well at resolving even long term problems. If you want to be hypnotised, you can be and nobody can hypnotise you or make you do anything against your will.


I am a professional and when you choose my service I guarantee to treat you with the utmost respect and ensure that you feel safe and comfortable at all times. I am a full member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and am fully bound by their strict code of ethics.


I also provide stress management, past life regression therapy, Timeline therapy and psychotherapy, which can all be used with hypnosis to help overcome even long standing issues.