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"I still can't believe the difference a single appointment has made to my panic attack problems. Over ten years ago I developed a problem which resulted in increasing difficulties during meetings and presentations at work. This would result in panic attacks, heavy perspiration and a severe loss of confidence. This situation was effectively taking over my life and I was beginning to think that I would have to leave my current employment.


You discussed techniques for me to practice which would reprogram my subconscious mind to help me deal with the problem. I knew deep down after the appointment that this was going to work. The following week I had two senior level meetings at both of which I played a major role and enjoyed so much. All the previous problems had gone and been replaced with a fantastic feeling of confidence and achievement. I am so grateful for the techniques you taught me to overcome this problem which I have been suffering with for so long. Why did I live with this for so long when it has been resolved so quickly? Once again thank you so much for what you have helped me to achieve."


Mr. J.D, Northwich

Client Testimonials

“Rebecca Sutton helped me immensely earlier this year when I was having severe problems with anxiety. Her methods worked after my having previously tried many other forms of help. She sorted out my anxiety in just a couple of sessions and I felt completely comfortable with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially those feeling particularly vulnerable. Thank you Rebecca”.


Mrs. M.J, Manchester

“I had been suffering with depression, anxiety and panic attacks for some time. I was at the point where I was off from work sick, felt quite helpless and although conventional medicine was helping in some way I wasn't able to make any positive changes to my behavior or thoughts. I felt in a vicious cycle with nowhere to turn.


I sought hypnotherapy in the hope that this would be able to help. I felt very nervous about this but knew that I needed to try something. I was willing to try anything! Rebecca Sutton had been recommended, so I braved my fears and gave her a call. I would like to say how very calm, understanding and accepting Rebecca was on that first telephone contact. She put me totally at ease and I was able to discuss my problems without fear. This also applied to all of my one to one sessions with Rebecca.

I found hypnotherapy to be a totally advantageous and beneficial experience.


The therapy sessions not only helped me with the initial problem but have helped me to learn a little more about myself and my behaviour. With the help of Rebecca I was able to overcome a problem which not only began for me in childhood but which had for so long affected my abilities in adulthood. I still have periods of depression but they are far more easily controlled and do not take over my life anymore.At the time I sought therapy I was in a very difficult relationship, which only exacerbated the problems I experienced. However, the therapy assisted me to take control of the situation and make positive changes for myself. I am far more relaxed in my own skin. I would like to say a ‘BIG” thank you to Rebecca for her support at this very difficult time in my life. I will always be grateful."


Miss. S. S. Manchester

"Working with Rebecca was a comforting and inspiring experience. Rebecca is so supportive & works intuitively to get to the truth & heart of the issue. More importantly, she helps you to shift & transform any beliefs & issues which no longer serve you so you can live life fully & freely."


Ms S R. Manchester

"What an amazing experience it was meeting Rebecca, I can honestly say, 100% that she changed my life!...I was so stuck and couldn't get myself to where I wanted to be or the person I wanted to be , I didn't know how to....what I liked most about this therapy is that you can continue to use the skills Rebecca teaches you at home and in your everyday life, so when you come across those obstacles you have the tools to get you through it ....Things started happening to me so quickly and I started to realise that yes this is the person I want to be and I was attracting positive things into my life....


I would recommend anyone to go and see Rebecca she is easy to talk to and makes you feel very relaxed...and most importantly it works!!!"


Ms E.K. Manchester